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In EducUp you can learn English, Portuguese, College Math, Coding, prepare for college in USA with SAT, ACT, and much more...We have more than 40 courses for a variety of subjects and educational areas.

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Aprende Portugués desde Cero

Inglés desde Cero
Learn English from scratch

Visualize, Memorize and have fun with words. 

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Complement and raise your level of English

Speak Fluent
Speak English fluently! 

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¡Conversemos en Portugués!

American Citizenship
Train to become an American Citizen

Practice scripting like champions do!

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We have dozens of tutors just one click away, ready to help our students succeed. We are committed to students' learning outcomes and we think one-to-one and group tutoring is one of the most effective ways to accomplish it.

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We are working with amazing online educators with a comprehensive audience of more than 35 million students. Do you have a big students' audience and have ever dreamed about having an amazing app for all of them?

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Educup App

For students to learn easily and fun

  • Learn English with Vocabulary Games, and Conversations
  • Learn Coding with Python, Java , and Data Science
  • Prepare for your SAT, ACT , and College Math
  • Learn Mental Math and Memory Techniques

EducUp Tutors

For private tutors on languages and Sciences

  • Connect with thousands of students in more than 150 countries
  • Get validated by world-class educators
  • Set your own rate and paid right away.
  • Our team will support you across all the process.

What students are saying
about EducUp

Our founding team

We are a group of passionate engineers, designers, educators and entrepreneurs
with more than 20 years in the educational space!

Yusnier Viera
Founder and VP of Education

Yusnier is a multiple World Record Holder and Mental Math World Champion. According to Discovery Channel, he is "One of the fastest brains on the planet". He has been teaching Math at different levels for over 20 years.

Carlos Raul Garcia
Founder and CEO

Carlos is a Senior Software Engineer with more than 8 years of experience working for Fortune 500 companies. He is also a Mental Math Champion at 2016 Memoriad (World Mental Olympics).

Yamel Barroso
Founder and VP of Business

Yamel is a successful entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience creating online businesses, especially in the telecommunication space, where he has been able to create extremely successful enterprises.

As seen in media

EducUp Team at Miami Nuevo Herald

The team was featured by "El Nuevo Herald" after anouncing the launch of it's tutoring platform for June, 2021.

Yusnier with Ellen

After watching his performance at "Superhuman", the show from Fox, Ellen DeGeneres invited Yusnier to share his Mental Math skills with her and the world.

Competing at "The Wall"

Thanks to their impact in the educational space, Yusnier and Carlos were selected to participate in the recognized NBC TV show "The Wall", a trivia-based entertainment show.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is EducUp?

    EducUp is a gamified learning app whith many courses divided into modules whith different topics and micro-lessons of aproximately 15 mins.
  • How do I cancel?

    To cancel your Premium account in the EducUp app you go to your subscriptions section of your device and click on Cancel.
  • Is EducUp free?

    Our app gives you the chance to try out all the functionalities for free and with no limitations for a certain period of time. You can start a free trial whenever you want.
  • What are Prep Points?

    Prep Points are the experience points of EducUp. Students earn 10 Prep Points for every question they answer correctly in the game. Prep Points are used to compete in the Leaderboards, among other things.
  • Can I become Premium for free?

    In EducUp students may become Premium for free by sharing the app with their friends. Currently, students can get the Premium account for 1 month after inviting 5 friends.
  • How does the game work?

    The main goal in the EducUp game is to learn, progress and have fun at the same time. We have Prep Points, Coins, Titles, Levels, Achievements and Leaderboards.
  • What is the Leaderboard?

    In EducUp the students can compete in different categories to be top-ranked. We currently support global, monthly, weekly, and friends rankings.
  • What are Achievements?

    EducUp has dozens of achievements that students can earn by reaching specific milestones in the game, like passing a lesson with no mistakes and many more.
  • How much?

    You can find pricing information inside the store section.
  • What are Levels and Titles?

    EducUp has 100 levels and 10 titles. Students earn them by learning in the game and earning Prep Points.
  • How do I subscribe?

    You can select a membership option or pay only once with the Lifetime option. All payments are managed through your app store.
  • How do I delete my account?

    Currently, we offer users the possibility of deleting their accounts by writing us an email. To do this the user needs to follow these steps: 1. Go to my profile inside the app. 2. Go to settings 3. Click on the email icon on the bottom side of the screen 4. Send us an email with the subject: « delete my account » By doing so, one of our customer service representatives will permanently delete their account within 24hrs.
  • What are Prep Coins?

    Prep Coins are the virtual currency of EducUp. Students earn Prep Coins when they reach their daily goal and when they invite a friend. They can become Premium users for free by earning enough Prep Coins.

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