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Join us today and be part of our elite group of online tutors helping hundreds of thousands of students succeed around more than 150 countries

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Join us today and be part of our elite group of online tutors helping hundreds of thousands of students succeed around more than 150 countries

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is money credited to the tutor's account?

    Each lesson is planned in the Calendar section and after it is completed, the tutor can review it. The platform will automatically send the student a request to confirm and evaluate the lesson. Once that is done, the tutor will receive a payment to the internal account according to the lesson duration and price per hour.
  • What is the payment distribution between me and EducUp?

    All tutors will retain 75% of their posted hourly rate for tutoring sessions with students and EducUp will retain a 25% platform fee.
  • How long should the lessons with the student last?

    Right now, we allow only one-hour length tutoring sessions on the platform
  • How much does it cost to register on EducUp?

    Registration on EducUp is absolutely free
  • As a tutor, can I promote my profile up in the search options?

    Of course, you can! The profile position is influenced by multiple factors that are displayed on your Statistics page. Improving these will help to advance your ranking position in the search results. EducUp does not accept payments for promoting profiles, as our goal is to create a fair platform that will help tutors and students to find each other
  • When can the student leave a review?

    We typically send an e-mail to leave a review about the tutor right after finishing the tutoring session. This way, the student has the opportunity to provide an accurate review about the tutor.
  • A student is asking for contact information or suggestions to deal outside the platform. What should I do?

    Please explain to the student that we reinvest commission from the lessons into marketing, programming, and platform development. Being a part of our tutors family means understanding and accepting our rules and principles as well as being honest with us
  • Can the lessons with my student be confirmed automatically?

    Your student has the responsibility of confirming every lesson after finished. That is the best way we have to keep the platform with the highest levels of trust
  • What should I do if I can't be able to give the planned lesson?

    When you become aware that you will not be able to carry out your planned lesson, you have the responsibility of canceling the lesson from your app, so we can refund the lesson to the student. We strongly encourage avoiding this at all costs as it jepardizes the student's experience on the platform.
  • Why do you check my profile changes?

    Our team manually verifies and approves a profile of each new tutor. During the verification process, we pay close attention to the level of profile completeness and its quality, as well as assess the qualifications of each tutor. It is crucial for us to maintain high standards for profiles of our tutors on all stages of cooperation. That is why all important changes will be additionally approved by our side. Please note that after you make changes, your profile will be temporarily hidden from the search results until it is checked, but normally that happens within 1-2 working days
  • How do I withdraw money from my tutor account?

    To withdraw money, click on the wallet icon on the top of your tutoring profile and choose 'Withdraw money'.
  • How are tutors' profiles chosen to be displayed in the search results?What should I do to see my profile there?

    Tutor's profiles are chosen by our algorithm that only shows those tutors on search, who are acting in accordance to EducUp rules and proactively working on: Keeping their profile 100% filled Constantly getting fresh reviews Responding to the requests quickly Encouraging their students to get the next package of lessons
  • Can you refund the money back to the student?

    Upon request, the payment for unused tutoring credits can be returned to the student
  • Does the company offer group lessons or is it just one on one?

    At the moment we only offer personal tutoring sessions but we are implementing group tutoring in our app
  • Are we going to work only with adults?

    EducUp students are of different ages although mostly older than 18 years
  • What exactly do we need to say in the presentation video?

    First, in your presentation video, you must make your tutor's experience clear. Try to make the video as much interesting as possible to catch the students' attention; in that way, you will have more possibilities of being selected by the students once they watch it.
  • Could you please tell about peak hours and time zone?

    The tutors will be working at the time of their choice, for that our application has a built calendar where the tutoring of students and tutors will be exercised without the time zone being an obstacle. Students and tutors who are in different time zones will coincide at the same time, which is an automatic function of our application. Always depending on the availability that you previously selected.
  • What is the commission?

    It goes from 18-25% depending on how many sessions you accumulate over time. It starts at 25%.
  • Do we need to make our own curriculum?

    no, you don't need to create the curriculum. You will have access to all the materials inside the app the students are learning from. So you will be able to access the same content they are using inside the app.
  • Will the tutors interact with the students on the app as well as on the desktop?

    We will be providing a Tutors App from which you will be able to have a profile, manage schedule, take payments etc. Sessions will be conducted using Zoom either from the app or from your desktop (using Zoom’s web).
  • Is this a bilingual position?

    Our platform is heavily focused on teaching Latino students. Although the greatest requirement of our tutors is experience in the field of teaching English regardless of their native language.

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